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Almost a new band!!!

Almost a new band, or back to the original :-) Big news for all you GBB fans, we have decided to change things drastically and in many ways this had to happen anyway, after struggling to keep 6 members of the band together, making sure everyone turns up for rehearsals and creating the miracle of getting everyone to make room in their calendars for gigs, sometimes it proves too difficult and for these reasons I have decided to go back to basics and change the band from a full rock band to a rock trio, this helps with a few real issues that matter most, first one is obviously we can now play gigs much more often and much farther than before, secondly I can now concentrate on performing the songs in the way they were written. I know some of you will miss the big sound, I do too, but honestly we are really enjoying this new way forward and we hope you walk beside us, the scenery has changed but the road is the same. We are currently working on our third studio album and we have just released a new single called We Will Win, you can download it from this website if you click on the We Will Win page.

Graham Brown - Vocals/guitar/pipes/keyboard

Connor Brown - Vocals/guitar/percussion/accordion

Jack Birnie - Vocals/bouzouki/guitar


PS Look out for our new single - We Will Win.

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